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Why the hell do I need a blog?

You spent hours deciding on the specifics of your company website – making sure you’re presenting your brand culture properly, ensuring all of your product bases are covered and fine-tuning the wording of your pages. After putting so much work into it, did you start taking the necessary steps to make sure your site is seen?

Establishing a blog within your business’s website is an easy way of directing more traffic and potential sales. This platform allows for discussion, review and all matters of content relevant to the nature of your company, and it can prove to be a handy marketing tool.


Here’s 5 ways you can benefit from a blog:


  • Social media sharing

From a marketing point of view, blog posts are gems to be shared and cross-posted across your various social channels, and will easily draw customers toward your website. Every blog post should be relevant to the nature of your organization, and utilizing Search Engine Optimization (the use of keywords to bring your pages closer to the top in search engine results) will attract potential sales that you never would’ve seen otherwise. 


  • Allows communication

Your blog can be used as a platform on which to hold conversations with your customers. Successful blogs enable customers to find insightful information and insider updates regarding a particular industry, this builds trust between you and your clients as you’ll be seen as an authority in that category. Forging a personal yet virtual connection can add credibility and reliability to your organization, and humanizes your brand. This will help to portray your image and culture, presenting a company that is in-touch with their customers and cares about their opinions and feedback. Listening to your customer’s comments through the medium of your blog is a great way of evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. 


  • It speaks for you

Organizations with a blog can use their posts to exhibit their brand culture, what’s important to them as a company, what projects are currently being worked on and which ventures were a success. Your opinions on other areas of business, as long as they remain relatively neutral, related to industry news and developments show you are a company who stays in touch with their field, and possesses a genuine interest in the work that they do. CEOs can flex their leadership talent by sharing their insights into company progress and offer tips to others. Executives and management who are seen to care about the welfare of their company can increase the likelihood a reader will become a customer, as they can place their trust in the organization’s leaders.


  • It’s easier than you think

You don’t have to be a web developer or understand complex coding to publish a blog. There are many free blogging sites that will provide you with themes, hosting capabilities and tips to create your own. Premium services are also available at a small fee, and can include using your own domain, professional layouts and advertising. This makes blogging a very inexpensive and simple endeavor.


  • Blogging encourages thinking

Writing regular posts on various topics of your industry will keep you on top of the trends and provide you with insider knowledge as a result of your research, and this data will positively affect your business focus and tactics. Blogging in your area of expertise keeps you focused, allows your views to develop and enables you to make better decisions for your organization. Posts also encourage the discussion of ideas from your business peers and customers, and engaging in these kinds of on-topic conversations will allow you to consider a multitude of opinions, heightening your understanding of your audience and how they react to certain trends, etc..


No business should be without a blog in today’s modern online world. Simply stated, it’s too easy to pass up. With easy and inexpensive set-up and hosting, the ability to fuel discussions and communication while providing your company its own online personality is an opportunity worth some time. Blogging is a skill we should all be executing for the benefit of our organizations.

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