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Simple Marketing Ideas You Can Do From Home

Marketing effectively can mean the difference between sinking and sailing in the small-business world. While most budgets for smaller companies don’t allow for grand advertising schemes, there are some cost-effective, cheap ways you can market your company from the comfort of your home in order to boost your sales, client base, and inevitably, revenue.

There are multitudes of simple marketing ideas and methods you can employ, with even the smallest of budgets. Here’s a few that come to mind..


Launch a Contest on Social Media.. 

For this simple marketing idea, you’ll need to have an existing Facebook business page with a fairly decent following (estimably 500+ likes should do the trick). If you don’t already have a Facebook page, seriously consider establishing one, as the realms of possibility are somewhat endless when it comes to social media marketing.

Hosting a contest on Facebook can draw in a variety of demographics, which could expand your reach to potential clients who may not have heard of you otherwise. The prize doesn’t have to be overly expensive, either. Offering one of your services free to the lucky winner or raffling for store gift cards is a popular option, but make sure you execute it to your advantage. Post your contest with the entry guidelines stipulated as that entrants must ‘like’, then share your post on their own page, with the winner being chosen from those who do so. Doing this scores your company free advertising with all of the entrant’s friends through their pages!


Customer Referral Programs

Clients who use your products and/or services, who have had an excellent experience, are likely to recommend you to others; why not offer them an incentive to do so. Giving them something as simple as a percentage off their next order or a gift card can go a long way in encouraging your existing clients to recommend you to their friends, both personal and professional.


Email newsletters

Some simple coding on your website can create a pop-up that encourages visitors to sign up to your newsletters, allowing you to regularly make contact with those who have shown an interest in your services. Email no more than twice a week, as a constant stream of annoying newsletters is a sure way to get banished to their spam folders. It’s good to send exclusive offers from time to time such as buy one get one or 50% off deals, however; keep this to a minimum, as too many of these emails will make your offers seem not-so-exclusive. In the grand scheme of things, try not to make your emails too “ad-like” with offers all over the place, instead, focus on generating content that offers valuable information for which your readers will want more of, and will be happy to click a button that takes them to your website where they will have access to everything they want. Once they visit your site, you have a much better chance at getting them to take action on an offer versus one that came from an email.


Guerilla Marketing

This tactic is all about creating the biggest impact with the absolute minimum cost, and these methods are often the most successful as they end up being the most creative. A good way to do this from home is to create some kind of viral content related to your business. Do you offer personal training services? Set up a 200 push-ups challenge and tag your company name all over it, offer a free shirt for the winner. This type of marketing technique is very popular because your potential customers are doing all of the advertising work for you, simply by sharing, reposting, or joining in on a challenge.


Cross Promotion

There is guaranteed to be more than one person in your professional network that is seeking ad space, and if their business isn’t one of your competitors, consider swapping ad space on each other’s sites for free. This works even better if the two company concepts complement each other.


Press Releases

This one can be a little trickier, but well worth the guaranteed audience you’ll get if a media outlet picks up your story. If you’re hosting an event, launching a new product, or offering a special discount, consider contacting some regional news sources and asking them to run a story. Persistence is key with this one, and you might not get an immediate “yes” response, but don’t stop trying until they agree to publish it!


Marketing doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming endeavor, and in the era of technology, the possibilities are endless. It’s important to be creative if you want to make an impact; many online techniques can provide you with ample opportunity to generate new business.


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