So you’ve got a website, and now you want people to find it, right? Of coarse you do.. that’s how they’ll get to see all that amazing content that you’ve spent time and money on to make it look as good as it does. Well, SEO is definitely the solution for you. Did you know that more than 54% of people looking for a business are doing so from an online search? This has completely changed the way we look at marketing as the focus is now about getting your company positioned correctly to acquire potential customers through your online presence rather than a simple ad in the newspaper or a listing in the phonebook like we might have in the past. What’s even more surprising, more than 86% of online searchers will never click on a search result below the first three that appear on the page. What this means is that your competition has been virtually shrunken to only two other competitors. We could’ve never done this 10 years ago! This is why incorporating a good SEO strategy can skyrocket your chance of winning new customers.  Let’s do some math to offer us a visual.. If there was only 1000 customers looking for your business, and an estimated (54%) 540 of them were to search for you online, and 86% of them (464) were to only visit the top three results, than you would have at least a 1:3 chance at 464 customers you would’ve otherwise never seen or heard from if you hadn’t implemented an SEO strategy. We like those odds. 

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