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sales strategy consultantsWhether you’re just starting out in business, or you’ve been around for a while, having a good sales strategy can make all the difference in a business’s chance at success. We’ve worked with all kinds of companies in determining the best path regarding their sales efforts. The one thing they all had in common from the start of our relationship was that they were all very knowledgable about their product or service (which is crucial in supporting your sales strategy), but they couldn’t figure out how to sell it. There is an old saying that goes, “You can be the best baker in the world, but if you can’t figure out how to sell your cakes, you’ll just end up fat and broke.” A little harsh, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Ideally, developing a sales strategy is something we’ll do once we’ve successfully drafted a business and/or marketing plan, as it is likely the business/marketing plan will include several elements we’ll need to consider when thinking about sales. In order to develop the best possible sales strategy, we’ll need to research your target audience to determine the who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, why’s, and how’s so we can better understand what sales practices will work best when applied to them. Once we understand the external components, we then have to take a look at the internal to better understand the capacity for which your company can perform regarding the action and responsibilities of sales. This is where we can determine the level of training that’s needed to get your team up to speed, and performing at the level of first class sales-professionals. Please understand, this is in-fact just a rough overview of what you can expect regarding the sales strategy process, however; each of our clients has a unique situation and the dynamics of our relationships are often quite different when it comes to how we work with each of them. We understand that every company is different, and we expect to create a custom strategy for your company as it pertains to your industry, target audience, internal capacity, etc.. Give us a call at 570-817-2901 to schedule a 1hr., no obligation consult with one of our sales strategy consultants to determine what will work best for you..

Sales Rep Services

Do you have a great product or service but you’re struggling when it comes to sales? Are you in a position where you simply do not have the time to go out and sell your offering, and now it’s starting to hurt your bottom line? Have you thought, if I could just find that perfect sales person, my business would finally take off? Can’t afford to hire a sales team, but you know that’s what you need to get to the next level? These are just some examples of the questions that have lead our clients to us. As a rep company, we’ll not only help you develop a killer sales strategy, but we’ll implement it like the rock star sales professionals we are!

Let’s be honest, sales isn’t exactly the number one skill-set of a lot of people; it takes a special kind of person to be successful in sales, and that’s exactly what we look for when we bring someone onboard the Northeast Sales Partners team. Our professionals are second to none, and have been successfully selling and representing some of the most well known brands around for many years. Collectively, our sales strategy meetings cultivate some of the most creative, thoughtful, and impactful sales practices known to mankind.

If you’re interested in speaking with one of our professional sales consultants to determine the best option for your company, please call (570)817-2901 to schedule a no-obligation 1hr. consult. Please leave a message with your contact details and we will get back to you within 48 hrs.


We’d love the opportunity to help you design or redesign your business model for success. We’ve worked with many different types of businesses and people in developing some really awesome businesses throughout the years. Now it’s your turn to take your business to its true potential. Give us a call at 570-817-2901, or send us an email through the link to the right, and please include a good time for us to reach out to you. Until then, best of luck on your entrepreneurial journey!

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