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8 Secrets to Closing More Sales

To form successful customer relationships and execute a high level of sales, your business strategy must be designed to nourish an environment where this can happen. Detailed planning of how you intend to maximize sales is the first step, and failing to properly outline your strategy can have seriously detrimental consequences to your profits.

Here’s eight of our secrets to closing more sales:

  • Define your customer’s needs
    You can’t sell to your customers if you first don’t know exactly what it is they need. Engage in discovery conversations and ask questions. Listening along with a careful evaluation of their responses will provide you with a clear idea of what they need and how you can provide it for them.
  • Remember that one approach does not fit all

While one customer may respond to a hard sell, another may run from it. There is no single selling approach that will prove successful across the board, and you must remain flexible in your methods in order to appeal to a wide range of clients. Tech companies are often spearheaded by younger executives who may respond better to a casual approach, while larger corporations will expect a formal discussion.

  • Know your product

An integral part of your selling method will include knowing the value of your product inside out, and conveying this to the customer. To close more sales, your staff need all the necessary training in all areas of your services, and if your employees are lacking in this department, this will be apparent to your customers when making their buying decisions.

  • Outline your USP

Defining your Unique Selling Position is crucial, and it should be reassessed from time to time to make sure it is still effective as your business develops. Your USP will outline your product value, and highlight what you can offer customers, why you should be considered as a contender, what advantages your product has over the competition and how you plan on marketing it.

  • Follow up swiftly
    Aim to respond to all enquiries within 12 hours, and be aware that your customer may be shopping around within your competitor pool to find the best deal or service that suits their needs. Make sure to respond quickly, accurately and answer all questions while leaving the end of your message open to further communication. Tell them what the next step in moving forward is, and ask a few questions of your own to show solid, genuine interest.
  • Encourage referrals

Rewarding loyal customers with referral benefits can go a long way, and offering a discount off their next order when a customer refers someone else in their network can influence them to return for your services. This makes closing sales with existing clients far easier, as they already know they are getting a better deal from you than if they went elsewhere. Another way to do this is ask for client reviews, as the existence of these on your site can build trust and reliability, making a sale more likely.

  • Treat all enquiries like sales
    When communicating with a potential buyer, one key way to close more sales is to assume that the sale is already closed. Advise them on the next steps they need to take so that you can begin working with them, tell them you’re excited to get started and let them know what they need to do to progress to the next stage. Assuming the sale has already been made will allow you to work confidently while your customer is assured you are on top of their needs.

Remain customer-focused
The last step is an obvious one, but it’s something that’s easily lost along the way. The way you treat and interact with your customers will go a long way in influencing their buying decision, so building a rapport with them, remaining polite and showing that you appreciate and understand their requirements is imperative when closing any sale

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