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10 Reasons SEO Should Be in Your Marketing Strategy

The location of your business is so important that it can thrive or sink the venture. Location! Location! Location! It is everything in the business world. So, what does the location of a business have to do with search engine optimization (SEO)?

What is SEO and why Search Marketing?

Google utilizes algorithms to determine which website or blog ranks first, and which ones follow. The top website receives on average about 39.6% of all clicks, and the second about 29%. Various techniques can be used to win this space, but how exactly Google ranks sites might as well be the ninth wonder of the world – it’s top secret.

One thing is not a secret though; if you have yet to embrace various search engine optimization techniques and employ them into your marketing strategy, you may be running your business into a rocky stretch of road ahead.

Here are the top 10 reasons SEO should be in your marketing strategy.

  1. SEO helps you to be Found

Because search engine optimization is your only chance to be found online– through your website.

SEO is basically the techniques used to help rank websites higher on internet search results (pages). SEO helps prospective customers find your business, products and services online based on the keywords they enter in the search box. According to Google Analytics, the webmaster tool that’s used most widely to measure keywords potency, most clicks go to the first pagers. This is search marketing in a nut shell.

The higher up you rank on search result pages, the better your chances of converting these browsers into clients. It is one of two reasons why experts draw parallels between investing in organic search engine optimization and in real estate – location.

  1. SEO offers a positive return on investment (ROI)

If done correctly, SEO has the potential to earn you a major payday. While the opposite may happen if you are not keen to hire professionals, in a Hubspot survey, most webmasters reported  that they now understand that SEO does make a significant contribution to their businesses’ bottom line.

  1. Your clients are online

About 86% of willing buyers are searching for products online before making the ultimate decision to make a purchase, either on or offline according to a Nielsen study. Clients want convenience while shopping on their own terms and time. Think of your website as an open shop, 24/7 all year round, and SEO as the electronic banner showing clients in.

  1. SEO numbers don’t lie

Data provided by Google shows that about 59% of all consumers run searches for items online in the hope of finding reputed local businesses to make a purchase from. Of these, about 61% end up in a sale, highlighting SEO’s conversion rate at around 14.6%. Still not convinced? In the past year alone, the monetary value of web-influenced sales culminated at just over $1 billion. This figure is set to rise, at least in the foreseeable future.

  1. Print media is no longer as effective

New reports indicate that print marketing is losing its shine to search engine optimization based on concrete results. While print advertising/marketing and other “old-school” marketing strategies pull in a measly 7.1% conversion rate, SEO is reigning in the double-digits with a conversion rate of 14.6%. You want your marketing budget to impact the market from where it matters most, and SEO is a part of that bag of goodies.

  1. E-commerce is the future

More people today are typing away at their internet-connected smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs in search of products and services than before. With more businesses investing in shopping cart software, cataloguing programs, and online stores, this has all the right signs of turning into an all out market segment and not just a mere trend.

  1. SEO will help you to beat your competition

Admit it. You want to beat your competition. Well, in 2014, about 50% of business owners who considered SEO to be important to their businesses didn’t know how to use it to their advantage. By hiring the services of a seasoned SEO professional, you can lead ahead and establish a reputation online long before your rivals can catch up. And enjoy the benefits of the law of first-come-first-serve.

  1. SEO extends to social media marketing

Currently, even video and social media posts are increasingly dependent on SEO. Certain keywords are used to find videos on streaming sites and video libraries such as YouTube. Audio is not spared, either. What this means is that the more SEO optimized your multimedia content and blog, and say, Facebook posts, the higher your chances of attracting a larger audience.

The rule of thumb is to provide a link (or two) with every video to direct them to your main website – smart, inbound links. This way, anyone interested can click through to learn more about your business and offers.

  1. SEO is your branding tool

You may have noticed of late that large brands are increasingly joining in discussions on various social media platforms. Leaving comments on other reputable brands’ blog posts or submitting guest posts themselves is a winning strategy as well. This way, they receive invaluable exposure in addition to directing readers to their very own websites using white hat link building techniques.

Proper SEO techniques such as these build trust and credibility among consumers, resulting in a paycheck or purchase order for the business. Search engine optimization drives 75% of search engine traffic, which pretty much says it all. Ad psychology holds that the stronger your online presence is felt, the more likely consumers are to recall your business’s names the next time they want to purchase an item that you also sell.

  1. Search engine optimization is in fact cheap

If how much SEO services cost is your question, know that SEO outperforms Pay Per Click (PPC) and other paid traffic methods. Also, SEO can be tailored to fit any product or service and to amplify your call for business. Further, compared to bulk messaging, email and affiliate marketing, SEO is cheaper — also considering the time taken to realize impact and net in high caliber consumers.

In short

People don’t like cold calling/selling. Rather, soft selling where you attract clients with high quality content and/or product reviews drives them to like, comment, share and bookmark your website or blog for a future return. Search engine optimization helps businesses to highlight their unique offering, market themselves far and wide and position their products and services right where the clients are. Hiring an SEO expert is a wise step to winning more clients in the 21st century.


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